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Buy Aida Fabric at Online Fabrics

If you are passionate about cross-stitch or embroidery, you'll be excited about our small but quality collection of aida fabric. Known for its structured grid-like weave, aida fabric is a go-to for needlework enthusiasts. It offers a precise guide for your intricate stitch work. For those interested in exploring other types of needlework, our tapestry fabrics might also be of interest.

Understanding Aida Fabric

Aida fabric is a speciality textile designed with embroidery and cross-stitching in mind. Its woven structure creates a series of square holes, acting as a grid for guiding your needle and ensuring your stitches remain even and beautiful. As a favourite among crafters, aida is synonymous with precision and quality. For those who are looking for a different texture but the same quality, our linen options may also be suitable for various projects.

Our Aida Fabric Collection

Our selection might be small but certainly significant. We offer aida fabric in Cream or Ivory and White, two versatile colours that cater to a wide array of embroidery and cross-stitch projects. With a width of up to 110cm, our aida fabric provides ample space for your creations, whether large-scale art pieces or small, personalised designs. For larger projects, you might also consider our wide width fabrics.

100% Cotton Aida

All of our aida fabric is 100% cotton, promising a soft yet sturdy foundation for your needlework. This natural fibre provides a comfortable hand feel and exceptional durability, ensuring your artwork will stand the test of time. If you're looking for a variety of colours, our cotton fabrics section offers a rainbow of options.

The Benefits of Aida Fabric

Aida fabric is appreciated for its precise control, making it ideal for beginners and skilled artisans alike. The grid-like structure simplifies the needlework process, allowing you to produce exquisite, detailed patterns easily. Beyond its functional benefits, aida fabric, being 100% cotton, offers breathability, hypoallergenic properties, and easy care. It's durable yet soft to the touch, making it perfect for projects meant to be treasured for years to come. For those interested in a different feel, our velvet fabric offers a luxurious alternative.

From our quality aida fabric to our extensive range of other textiles, you'll find the ideal materials for your next project at Online Fabrics. Why not take a peek at our organza selection for a touch of sheer elegance?

Trust in Our Knowledge and Expertise

As a family-owned business with over 40 years of industry experience, we're proud to share our passion for textiles with you. When you shop with us, you're not just purchasing fabric but tapping into a rich bank of knowledge, expertise, and genuine customer care.

Choose Online Fabrics for Your Aida Fabric Needs

Trust in Online Fabrics for high-quality aida fabric that caters to your artistic needs. Let's craft your vision together - explore our aida fabric collection today!

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