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Cotton Fabrics

A massive selection of cotton fabrics perfect for dressmaking, soft furnishing and crafts

Polycotton Fabrics

Plain and printed Polycotton. The ideal blend for durability and cost effectiveness

Polyester Fabrics

Fabrics for any project including Brocades, Chiffon, Crepe and Voile

Faux Leather

Economical fabrics for fashion and upholstery. Almost indistinguishable from real leather


The ultimate craft fabric. Available in a wide variety of colours

Fleece Fabrics

Ideal for warm clothing, blankets, sweatshirts & DIY projects


Excellent for costumes, displays, craft projects and exhibition work

Fur Fabrics

Soft, warm & cuddly. Available in a variety of colours, patterns and prints


The famous chequered fabric. Stocked in a variety of cheque widths, colours and finishes

Glitter Fabrics

A collection of Sparkling Fabrics. Perfect backdrop and displays

Hessian and Jute

Durable and hardwearing. A popular fabric for Craft Projects and displays


Commonly used for clothes including T-shirts, dresses, and sweatshirts

Lace Fabrics

Perfect for detailing and delicate projects including, bridal, dresses and decor.


Economical leather-like fabrics. Perfect for auto upholstery, furtniture and fashion


Natural durable fabrics regularly used in fashion, bedding, and workwear


The famous stretchy fabric. Available in a range of vibrant and metalic colours

Mesh and Tulles

Open, breathable & flexible fabrics ideal for sportswear, bags & more


Waterproof nylon fabrics perfect outdoor and dancewear


The go-to for sheer elegance in fashion & decor



Every PVC fabric you could ever need: Waterproof, Vinyl, Fetish, Flame Retardant.

Quilted Fabrics

Simple and stylish padded fabrics, often used for bedding and clothing


Luxuriously smooth fabrics bringing a touch of class and elegance to any project


Woven fabric widely used in the theatre industry as well as Automobile and Building.

Sequin Fabrics

Elevate your projects with shimmer, sparkle and flair

Silk Fabrics

Natural, smooth fabrics ideal for creating stylish apparel, bedding and upholstery

Suede Fabric

Long lasting fabric inherited from leather, with a soft fuzzy finish


Printed and woven fabrics suitable for craft projects and decorations


Soft, absorbent, coloured or plain towelling fabrics


Traditional patterned tartan fabric including famous Scottish clan designs

Velvet Fabric

A massive selection of velvet fabrics including crushed, stretch, velour, plain and printed

Viscose Fabrics

Lightweight breathable fabrics available in a variety of colours & patterns

Wool Fabrics

A selection of warm hardwearing wool fabrics, ideal for furniture coverings and clothing


A huge selection of lining fabrics for curtains, clothing and display


Welcome to Online Fabrics - we make buying fabric online even more fun!

Youíll find a wide range of fabrics in our online shop, all available by the metre: stylish dressmaking fabrics, high-quality upholstery fabrics and furnishing fabrics, or exclusive designer fabrics - prepare to be spoilt for choice! As well as our large online selection of great-value fabrics, youíll find one of the widest selection of haberdashery and you can buy cheap wool.

We do our best to make sure you enjoy your hobby! Our sample ordering service lets you carefully select the perfect fabric to ensure your project lives up to your high standards. We can cut any fabric to your desired length from 0.5m! Make your sewing dreams come true and browse our well-curated fabric and haberdashery departments. As well as the latest stylish designs and colours, we also offer a range of weights at fair prices in our A-Z section. Cotton fabrics, denim and jersey fabrics just not exciting enough for

for you? Then how about felt, patchwork fabrics, leather & faux leather or curtain fabrics? Or maybe itís more important to you that your fabric is sustainable and certified organic? As well as Oeko-Tex certified fabrics, we also offer our own premium organic brand, Tula.

As well as our wide range of accessories, youíll also find tutorials, kits, craft sets and free sewing patterns in our online shop - itís a one-stop shop for any crafter! Delve into a world of sewing fun with the most popular sewing patterns from brands like Burda, McCallís and Vogue. We also give you the best free sewing tutorials suitable for beginners to pros. Choose your weapon - PDF or video - and get started! Youíll also find free knitting tutorials and patterns on

Fabrics FAQ

The key to finding the best fabric for the job is considering the item's purpose. This will enable you to understand the characteristics you need from your fabric. Commonly required fabric characteristics include comfort, texture, warmth, durability, flexibility, weather protection and fire resistance.

Determining the type of clothing you are making will help you understand what fabric you need. For instance, a summer dress requires a softer, lighter material like cotton or polyester, raincoats require waterproof fabrics like nylon or polyester, and jeans are likely to need something heavier and more durable like denim or linen.

Gentle washing, avoiding high temperatures, and mild detergents help maintain fabric beauty and longevity. For fabric-specific care tips, check the product page's washing and general care advice.

Yes, we offer fabric samples for all our fabrics, allowing you to get a better feel for the texture, colour and performance before purchasing.

When selecting a fabric for outdoor use, consider its durability, resistance to weather, including water and UV rays, and ease of cleaning. Fabrics like PVC are known for their resistance to water and fading, polyester and nylon for their lightweight and quick-drying properties, and canvas fabrics for their strength and longevity. The best fabric for your needs will depend on the specific outdoor conditions it will face and its intended use.

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