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Deep and mysterious, aubergine fabric brings a sense of drama and depth.


Versatile beige fabric, a timeless choice, harmonises with any palette.


Embrace the versatility of black fabric, effortlessly blending into any design scheme.


Dive into a sea of possibilities with blue fabric, evoking a sense of calm and serenity.


Warm and inviting, brown fabric creates a cozy atmosphere, reminiscent of rich earthy tones.


Vibrant and bold, cerise fabric adds a pop of lively colour, perfect for making a statement.

Cream or Ivory

Embrace the delicate beauty of cream or ivory fabric, creating a sense of luxury to any space.


From vibrant lime to deep forest, green fabrics offer a range of shades to enliven your design.


Timelessly chic, grey fabric adds a touch of sophistication and versatility to any design.


Elevate your project with the timeless allure of gold, evoking a sense of luxury and grandeur.


Experience the subtle elegance of lilac textiles, creating a serene sanctuary for your project.


Rich and regal, maroon fabric adds depth and sophistication to any room.

Multi Coloured

Experience endless possibilities with multi-coloured fabric, celebrating diversity in design.


Embrace the rustic charm of naturale fabric, celebrating the beauty of natural materials.


Orange fabric invokes joy and creativity, brightening any project with its vibrancy.


Soft and delicate, peach fabric adds a subtle touch of warmth and sweetness to any design.


Elevate your designs with pink fabric, infusing projects with warmth and sweetness.


Elevate your designs with the elegance of purple, infusing them with richness and depth.


Embrace endless possibilities with rainbow fabric, creating a playful, dynamic ambience.



Embrace the fiery allure of red fabrics, infusing your room with energy and vitality.


Silver fabric exudes a sense of modern glamour, reflecting light and adding depth.


Ethereal and airy, transparent fabric adds a sense of lightness and openness to any design.


Tranquil and refreshing, turquoise fabric brings a sense of calm and serenity to your projects.


Elevate your designs with the sumptuous beauty of wine, adding depth and richness.


Clean and timeless, white fabric creates a fresh and airy atmosphere, perfect for any project.


Cheerful and sunny, yellow fabric adds warmth and positivity to any space.


Fabrics FAQ

We aim to display fabric colours as accurately as possible on our website. However, the actual colour you see may vary depending on your device's display settings. We recommend ordering a sample if precise colour matching is crucial for your project.

Yes! You can order a sample on every product page using our "order a sample" feature. Select the sample option instead of the main product and add the sample product to the basket. Repeat for as many samples as you like! The first 3 samples are free, with every sample costing 75p thereafter.

Once ordered, we'll dispatch your samples 1st class to get them to you ASAP!

Here's 3 useful considerations to bear in mind:

  • Consider the occasion for which the garment will be used and choose an appropriate colour. For example, for formal wear, choose subdued colours like navy and charcoal, which convey professionalism, while brighter colours are suitable for casual occasions and can create a relaxed feel.
  • Consider whether the garment needs to coordinate with other items of clothing. For example, when making a blouse, choose colours that will not clash with your skirt or trouser colour unless that's what you are aiming for.
  • Consider also the season when the garment will be worn. For example, choose light colours in summer as they reflect heat and keep you cooler, whereas dark colours are ideal in winter since they absorb heat and provide warmth.

When it comes to choosing the best fabric for sun protection, colour plays an important role. Darker colours like black, navy, and deep green offer better protection against the sun's harmful UV rays as they absorb more light than lighter shades. However, more light absorption results in more heat, leaving you hotter than wearing lighter shades.

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