Cotton Fabrics

Cotton Fabrics

A massive selection of cotton fabrics from dressmaking to craft working, patchworking and interior soft furnishings.

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Premium Cotton Fabrics at Online Fabrics

At Online Fabrics, we are passionate about quality textiles, and cotton fabrics are no exception. Perfect for everything from comfortable summer clothing to cosy bedding, our cotton fabric is a versatile and essential textile for all your creative needs.

Versatility of Cotton Fabric

Known for its breathability and a broad range of colours, cotton fabric is a beloved material for numerous projects. Ideal for clothing, bedding, quilting, and more, cotton fabric is a versatile material that meets various demands.

Whether you're an enthusiastic home sewer or a professional designer, our extensive collection of cotton fabric will surely inspire your creativity. Alongside cotton, we also offer dressmaking materials for all your fashion projects.

Our Diverse Collection of Cotton Fabrics

At Online Fabrics, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive array of cotton fabrics, each created to fulfil distinct requirements. Our collection encompasses:

100% Cotton Poplin

Our 100% Cotton Poplin range is appreciated for its fine weave and smooth texture, ensuring lasting quality and comfort. This material is perfect for crafting stylish shirts or airy summer dresses. In addition, for those special occasions, consider our exquisite selection of batiks and brocades.

Brushed Cotton

Brushed Cotton offers a soft and warm touch, making it a popular choice for bedding, pyjamas, and baby clothes. Experience its comfort and gentleness on the skin. For a different texture, explore our fleece fabrics as well.

Cotton Drill

Our Cotton Drill is the go-to choice for projects requiring a sturdy yet soft fabric. Its excellent durability makes it ideal for uniforms, workwear, and heavy-duty household items. And for even tougher requirements, our canvas options are unrivaled.

Cotton Fabric - A Reliable and Adaptable Textile

Cotton fabric is renowned for its strength and versatility. From crafting fashionable summer skirts, breathable shirts, to designing homely quilts and cushions, the possibilities are endless with our extraordinary collection of cotton fabrics. Not to mention, our denim fabrics add that classic touch to any wardrobe.

The Advantages of Cotton Fabric

Besides being comfortable and breathable, cotton fabric is lauded for its easy care. It can withstand high temperatures and frequent washing, retaining its colours and durability. For a different yet equally durable option, consider our corduroy fabrics.

The longevity of cotton fabric is another major advantage. Its robust structure ensures your designs last for years, offering superior value for money.

Explore the Perfect Fabric at Online Fabrics

Our vast selection goes beyond just cotton. We stock an array of dress-making fabrics, quilting materials, and craft supplies. We believe fabric shopping is more than just a purchase - it's a thrilling journey of inspiration and creativity.

Experience Our Expertise and Knowledge

With over 40 years in the fabric industry and 20 years online, we have accumulated extensive knowledge and understanding of fabrics. When shopping at Online Fabrics, you benefit from three generations of fabric expertise, guaranteeing the best products and advice.

Experience Our Superior Customer Service

At Online Fabrics, we put customer satisfaction first. Our dedication to you extends beyond just fabric; we provide fabric samples across our ranges to assist you in making an informed decision. No matter the size of your order, we're committed to making your shopping experience enjoyable and straightforward. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs - we also send out samples to ensure your confidence in your purchase.

Choose Online Fabrics for High-Quality Cotton Fabric

Ready to bring your creative ideas to life? Don't compromise on quality; select Online Fabrics for your next project. Explore our impressive range of cotton fabrics to create beautiful, comfortable, and lasting pieces. Begin your fabric journey with us today!

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