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Here you will find a range Scrim fabrics. Scrims are generally a woven material that are either finely woven and lightweight or coarsely woven and heavy. Scrims fabrics are widely used in the theatre industry as well as Automobile and Building. They are usually made of polyester or Cotton.

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3mm Scrim Foam
In stock, immediate despatch  In stock, immediate despatch
£4.25/ ½ m
6mm Scrim Foam
In stock, immediate despatch  In stock, immediate despatch
£6.50/ ½ m
12mm Scrim Foam
In stock, immediate despatch  In stock, immediate despatch
£7.50/ ½ m

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Outstanding Collection of Scrim Fabrics at Online Fabrics

At Online Fabrics, we're more than just a fabric provider. We're curators of quality, ensuring you have access to the best scrim fabrics for any purpose. Whether you're on the hunt for reliable backdrops, effective theatrical designs, or any other applications, our curated selection is sure to exceed your expectations.

The Many Uses of Scrim Fabrics

Scrim fabrics are renowned for their unique texture and versatility. Scrim material has become an indispensable fabric in several industries, from set designs in theatres to effective light diffusion in photography studios.

With our collection, the opportunities are boundless. Our high-quality range ensures longevity and performance for artistic endeavours or practical applications.

Our Diverse Scrim Fabric Collection

We're proud to present an unmatched array of scrim fabrics tailored to satisfy diverse needs. Dive into our range to discover:

Foam Scrim

Perfect for cushioning and comfort, our Foam Scrim offers durability alongside a plush feel.


Known for its rustic charm, Hessian is perfect for crafts, upholstery, and bag-making. Revel in its natural texture and robustness.

Muslin - 100% Cotton

Experience the softness and adaptability of 100% Cotton Muslin, perfect for dressmaking and drapery alike.

Muslin - Washed

Our washed Muslin brings a smoother texture and a vintage touch, ideal for projects demanding a softer appearance.

Why Choose Scrim Fabrics?

Scrim fabrics are versatile; they are resilient, long-lasting, and serve various purposes. From creating detailed stage designs to crafting unique apparel, the potential applications are vast with our remarkable collection.

Our Commitment to Quality

For over 40 years in the fabric industry, Online Fabrics have been the hallmark of quality. Our carefully curated selection is a testament to our commitment to ensuring our clients only receive the best.

Unmatched Customer Service

We pride ourselves on placing our customers at the heart of our operations. Our dedicated team is on standby, ready to assist you in making informed decisions. With sample offerings across our range, we ensure you make purchases with complete confidence.

Select Online Fabrics for Premium Scrim Fabrics

Embarking on a new project? Trust Online Fabrics to provide you with nothing but the best. Delve into our extensive range of scrim fabrics and let your creativity flourish. Begin your fabric journey with us today!