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Towelling - CREAM
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£12.99   per metre per metre
Towelling - GREEN
In stock, immediate despatch
£12.99   per metre per metre
Towelling - NAVY
In stock, immediate despatch
£12.99   per metre per metre
Towelling - WHITE
In stock, immediate despatch
£12.99   per metre per metre

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The Luxurious World of Towelling with Online Fabrics

Enveloping oneself in the plush softness of a quality towelling fabric is an experience par excellence. Online Fabrics brings you an exquisite collection of towelling fabrics that redefine luxury and comfort.

Colours That Exude Serenity

Our towelling range is available in a curated palette of colours that resonate with relaxation and peace. Dive into the calm blues, embrace the pristine whites, soak in the natural tones of cream, and rejuvenate with the refreshing greens. Each hue is chosen to evoke a sense of calm and luxury.

The Finest Towelling

Online Fabrics prioritises quality above all. Our towelling fabrics are made from premium materials that ensure optimal absorbency, plush softness, and longevity. Perfect for bathrobes, towels, and spa accessories, they promise an unmatched tactile experience.

Why Choose Online Fabrics' Towelling?

We are more than just a fabric retailer; we are purveyors of luxury. Our towelling fabrics encapsulate the essence of opulence and comfort. Whether you are creating a bespoke bathrobe, designing plush towels for a luxury resort, or crafting spa accessories, our towelling is your perfect companion.

Wrap Yourself in Luxury

With Online Fabrics, you don't just buy fabric; you invest in an experience. Delve into our towelling collection and let each thread, each weave, and each colour enrich your creations and your lifestyle.

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