21 May 2024

Tips For Working With Scrap Fabric

20 May 2024

What to Make With Scrap Fabric (10 easy projects)

10 creative ideas for what to make with scrap fabric. Reduce waste, save money, and create unique items from leftover materials.

26 January 2024

DIY Prom Dress: Selecting the Right Fabric

Creating your prom dress is a wonderfully personal journey, filled with choices reflecting your individuality and style. Selecting the suitable fabric plays a pivotal role in this adventure. Whether you opt for the breezy elegance of silk, the rustic charm of linen, or the practical beauty of synthetic blends, each fabric tells a unique story. Remember, the key to a stunning DIY prom dress lies in balancing comfort with style, choosing colours that complement your skin tone, and adding personal touches that set your dress apart.

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